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FLORIDA - Florida is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Both, the environment and the economy in Florida are known to be the best in the USA . According to surveys conducted in the past 5 years, Florida is named as the first state choice within the states where people would like to live. Every year, 350,000 people permanently move to this beautiful state. Between 2004 and 2013, approximately 77 million people will retire in the United States . Statistics show that 43% of these people will settle in Florida . That shows that there will be 36 million retirees moving to Florida . Combined with other categories of working people, the total number of people moving to Florida annually will reach 3.6 million, or 10 times more then now. This situation will affect real estate prices that are currently rising. Real estate investments in Florida are one of the most profitable in the USA now as well as in the future.

PALM COAST - Palm Coast is currently one of the most popular cities in Florida . At the growth rate, Palm Coast takes the first place in the state. The city is designed as a unique project of the 21st century-in full harmony of modern buildings and environment.

Map of Palm Coast, Florida

CLIMATE - Palm Coast is located in the North Eastern part of Florida , between the cities of Daytona Beach and St. Augustine . The climate here is subtropical. The average annual temperature is 80 degrees. Almost every single day is sunny and beautiful. Ocean proximity softens the air, when it's hot or cool. Pines, Palms, and Oaks make the air healthy and fresh. There is no direct hit of hurricanes due to the Gulf Stream being further away from the coast and that is why they tend to avoid our city.

THE CITY INDUSTRY is located in specialized industrial parks and is isolated from the residential areas. The City can offer many job opportunities and possibilities. (See: Even though Palm Coast is not a major city, (Pop-60,000 people), there are many sight seeing places that are in close proximity to Palm Coast . The city of Orlando is one of the major cities located to the south of Palm Coast that provides entertainment such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, and many other attractions. Daytona Beach would be another city that would provide people with one of the most famous beaches and of course the Daytona 500 Racetrack (NASCAR). Also, to the north of Palm Coast lays the oldest city in America , St. Augustine that was founded by Spaniards in 1565 and to the south the famous Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

PALM COAST also has its own advantages. Cost of living in Florida , especially its northern part where Palm Coast is located, is one of the lowest in the USA . There is one of the most liberal tax systems in the country; there is no state, or city, income tax. There is no food sales tax. There is minimal tax on inheritance. There are many incentives to starting a business. When Real Estate taxes are calculated, $25,000 homestead exemption is subtracted from the taxable amount. Unique advantage of investments into the real estate in Florida is that the land and the house cannot be confiscated for debts, except for cases of non-payment of taxes to the real estate and mortgage debts to bank for this real estate.

NEW TOWN CENTER - City has started a very ambitious project - construction of the Palm Coast Town Center . The shops located here, offices, cinema on 2,400 seats, building of a City Hall, walking zones, parks, lakes and residential areas will be close to each other. This beautiful project will draw an even greater attention to the city and will essentially raise prices on real estate properties. You may find more information on this project at and see a movie about it.

SCHOOLS - City has 5 public schools and 3 more are being constructed. City has private schools as well. All schools are located and running in the new, well-equipped buildings. High school juniors and seniors have an opportunity of taking some college classes, free-of-charge. So by the time they graduate, it is possible to have credits for continuation of education. 92% of children receive 12-year education. 93% of school graduates go to colleges and universities. Building lots have various costs, which are defined by their location and size. All sites have electric, water, and sewage systems ready to be connected to. The average lot size is approximately a quarter of an acre. Cost of standard lot begins from $75000 , and lots on the water or near the golf course - from $150000

To build a house in Palm Coast costs about $120,000. More expensive properties, built in special communities with security, pool, sports and golf clubs, tennis courts, restaurants, such as “Hammock Dunes ", “Grand Haven ", " Island Estate " cost from $300000, and sites - from $150000. Additional expenses for building a pool with screened porch - from $30000.

We live in Palm Coast and see, how fast it grows and develops, and, accordingly, the real estate prices change. In the past years these prices increased for 30% a year. But they still remain comparatively low.

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