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Model: Driftwood
Bedrooms: 3       Bathrooms: 2
Price From: $150,490
Model: Diamante
Bedrooms: 4       Bathrooms: 2
Price From: $193,990
My First Investment
I built a house in Palm Coast with help of Interlink Realty in August 2004. Interlink Ralty found tenants for my house and they deal with all the maintenance problems as they arise. So now I have ahouse that is growing in price, rental income pays the mortgage and I do not have to think about anything.
Jacob B.
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74 Pheasant Drive - P Section, Pine Lakes
Model: Oxford
Bedrooms: 3       Bathrooms: 2
Price: $120,000
UNION PLAZA -27,000 sq.ft. medical and commercial offices, located in new Town Center of Palm Coast - Town Center of Palm Coast, Phase 1

Bedrooms: 0       Bathrooms: 0
Price: $5,000,000
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